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Portable Pitching Mounds

valid until: 06 Apr 2021date published: 06 Apr 2020

This portable pitching mound is made for senior league baseball (above age 16) and is our largest mound. Turn any field into a baseball field in minutes and save many hours of maintenance by converting all your ball fields to our removable pitching mounds!

This baseball mound has a thin edge all around to protect the pitcher. This pitching mound is 9'x12'x10, and gives the pitcher plenty of room to work.

These portable mounds are made with high strength industrial fiberglass, no wood or styrofoam, and will last through many years of baseball games.
The #6 mound features the highest quality nylon Astroturf and comes in 2 colors to choose from, Green or Clay. Order this senior league Pitching Mound today and receive FREE shipping!

Pitching Mound Specifications

9' W x 12' L x 10 tall
60 oz. Nylon Green or Clay AstroTurf
6 x 24 White Rubber Pitching Block. (Removable)
Weight: 360 lbs.



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Portable Pitching Mounds
Portable Pitching Mounds
Portable Pitching Mounds

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