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Do you think drop Prices are harder on WoW or OSRS

valid until: 28 Jun 2021date published: 28 Jun 2020

Sorry post. My brother argues that the possibility of getting whatever loot fall rate and loot is much tougher for on World of Warcraft, in comparison to OSRS, what do you believe?

Drops on WoW are easier. RS is just more grindier. That a bad thing. It's possible to kill a monster for days without getting a fall on RS. On WoW you can get anything you want in a couple of hours honestly. In WoW you have bindable equipment you can transfer to new personalities personally and that levels with you, taking away the requirement for gear entirely. This is because RuneScape game is leveling, in wow bluffing is a nuisance.

OSRS the mobs have a drop table that shows their loot. In wow, you want grade 3 stars or a 1 wound? Lololol keep playing for a few weeks and you may get it. There's literally no way you can target the corruption gear your course needs. I have played with 8.3 since launching and to this day I have not received my BiS corruption equipment. Back in OSRS, I came within the previous 2 months, I am able to at least aim for what I want and have gotten things done to so much more. WoW loot, at least right now, is currently rolling 4 dices in hopes of getting what you want. In OSRS you roll dice. I hate WoW at this time and have been utilizing a osrs. For authenticity I am in a guild that is now progressing on the last boss on the hardest difficulty. Also do Mythic + in WoW and has been 5.

Corruption equipment isn't guaranteed and in order for it to drop it in your title, possess a socket, possess the right corruption affix, have the perfect tier of affix and in addition to all that using it be the real item instead of a shitty fold or boot instead of a weapon. Along with the bosses in WoW typically take to setup and really do time wise. In which you CAN NOT solo tier content without having to rely on 27, in OSRS a lot of bosses nowadays are soloable in comparison mythic raiding. Even though youre not soloing it in wow, there's absolutely not any way that a ekspansion is unless they have changed the way that you can kill stunt boss over and over, back in the times it was it reset.

To reach an adequate competitive level on wow (rank 500) you need a pretty strict schedule of 8 to 15 hours or raiding, generally 3 or 4h shifts. There thinking in wow since raid composition things the most, and generally a single individual mostly drafted it. A few raids can be really weird, in the past ranged dps would be the most. There's a variance, If it comes to resist difficulty. It's pointless describing simple fights because everybody kills them. Many encounters are gated by gear, so only guilds that make next to 0 mistakes down the boss. Then you have hard fights that have wellness and mechanisms, and that means you need a mixture of luck and skill to kill the boss.

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