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I will go through the remainder of PSO2 narrative

valid until: 29 Jul 2021date published: 29 Jul 2020

They put together the Pioneer job to monitor the original source of the D-Cells, and found Ragol. Moving back to the point, PS0 happens 100 years after civilization gets nuked. Mother Trinity, the rogue AI, was presumably created around the time of the events of PSO or soon after Episode III. For anybody who doesn't know already, Pioneer 2 flipped Coral the bird at the end of Episode III and colonized Ragol following the complete and total devastation of Dark Falz and Olga Flow after their duel to the death. Which is another story point that runs contrary to PSO2.

I will go through the remainder of PSO2 narrative between Episode 3 and what's left of Episode 2. 1 final issue is that it is possible... that they THOUGHT he had been destroyed. And between the events of PSO1 and PSO2 Dark Falz ruined Pioneer two while their guard was down. If this is the case, it might result in function as evidence that contributes to the understanding that Dark Falz can't be destroyed. This knowledge of their immunity to complete devastation is immutable. So any Dark Falz being destroyed doesn't follow the exact same logic as exhibited in PSO2.

Subsequent destruction and his return of Pioneer 2 would alert the Oracle fleet. Subsequently, ARKS would assemble to conquer him. Then they would then possess the knowledge that Dark Falz can't be destroyed, just sealed. Thus leading to the occasion point 40 years ago when Dark Falz was closed on Ragol/Naverius. In the event the Photoners that met with Xion and constructed Oracle were Pioneer 3 (as explained in another thread ), it would really still fall in line. The confirmation concerning time is that Dark Falz Elder has been sealed away 40 years back.

This calls into question several things: Why was sealed at a spot of ruin? Did the heroes understand therefore and he couldn't be destroyed had to seal him? And how could they have have the capability to seal him rather than attempt to ruin him? That is solved by the notion that the Photoners Xion cites were Pioneer 3 that met with Xion. Pioneer 3 would have known from Pioneer 2's data what Black Falz was (and subsequently he could not be destroyed based on their efforts in Episode 1 and 3). Xion could lead to her being their ability to seal Dark Falz Elder's source. And finally, since Xion was their technological catalyst which enabled them to respond immediately, the heroes might have responded to the devastation of Pioneer 2 although they were ultimately too late to rescue it.

Luther did wopal's construction, and recent that the natives did not forget ARKS ops' language. Enough that they were fluent in said language. If they had more than several hundred years, it's more probable they would have adapted over simply a dialect and instead developed their own language according to ARKS language. To Spanish and French have been derived from Latin, similar, nevertheless different from one another.

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