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Mega Scan Pro 2020 Long Range Gold Metal Detector

valid until: 29 Jul 2021date published: 29 Jul 2020

Mega Scan Pro 2020, from the German company Mega Detection, offers searchers of buried treasures, precious metals and antiques the practical device that is easy to use and effective for all their needs at a special price.
The device includes three search technologies, including:
1 - Long-range search technology to detect metals and burials remotely within a range of up to 2000 m and for deep depths that may reach 40 meters and via pre-set programs for each different metal type, which ensure more accurate results, for example, can choose settings to detect gold only.
2 - Ionic search technology that is suitable for discovering archaeological burials that have been buried for long periods of time, may reach hundreds of thousands of years, and depends on the discovery of ionic fields formed over the years around buried mineral bodies through a special sensor.
3- Magnetic search technology through a special sensor called a magnetometer suitable for searching for magnetic minerals and underground voids such as tunnels and graves.
The following video explains how to use the device:
The Mega Scan Pro 2020 is available exclusively through the Orient Global Group with free shipping service to all countries of the world.
Contact Information:
Mobile: 00905074410705
Viber - Whatsapp: 00905074410706



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Mega Scan Pro 2020 Long Range Gold Metal Detector

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