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Scoan Morning Water 2020 is available here

valid until: 15 Sep 2021date published: 15 Sep 2020

Hello Brethren in the Lord,
May the peace and unity of the holy spirit fall upon you and your entire family as you read this splendid message from the synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN).

We have started the distribution of the New Morning Water to all our members of the church. If you need the New Morning Water. All you have to do is to contact us on the email and specify what you need, and the morning water will be sent to you.

The God of prophet TB Joshua is a wonder working God. God have used the medium of the morning water to heal thousand of diseases, ranging from Hiv Aids, Cancer, Brain Turmoil, Type 2 diabetes, Financial breakthroughs, Freedom from Poverty, Business breakthrough etc... If you need the morning water, and you do not have the time or money to visit the synagogue church of all nations, you can get one by contacting the email of the church store:

The morning water is totally free, we do not sell it. But please when you receive the items from the church do not sell them. Use them to pray and believe that Jesus will be glorified in your life. To place an order. Email us:

Thank you all. Remain blessed



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Scoan Morning Water 2020 is available here

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