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Spray Dryer Manufacturer Alaquainc

valid until: 28 Sep 2021date published: 28 Sep 2020

Spray drying is a method of dehydrating fluids, solutions and thin slurries, it converts the fluids or slurries to powder form. Liquid or slurry material to be dehydrated is sprayed in the form of a fine droplet dispersion into hot airstream.At Alaqua, we produce spray dryers that can be fall in various ranges based on the complexity of design from simple to very complex, all depends on the fluid or slurries under processing. The differences in the designs based on the atomization, pattern of airstream, air heating systems/technique, and separation and collection unit. Spray dryers mainly consist of drying chamber, atomization and dispersion means to feed fluid in small droplets into the drying chamber, air heating system, and separation unit to collect dried output. The unique feature of a spray dryer is the surface area per unit weight generated by atomization of the liquid feed. It is this fact that enables a spray dryer to work. For example, feed atomized to 100 micron average droplet size generates approximately 15,400 ft2/lb of surface area. The same feed atomized to an average of 20 micron generates approximately 77,021 ft2/lb! This is like spreading one gallon of feed over 14 football fields.Alaqua is having meticulous experience when it comes to design and built spray drying units that can be utilised for various applications in varying industries. So far we have helped tons of our clients with their drying needs. Our team of engineers and quality manufacturing process helps us to achieve accuracy and product quality. To getting our product book or more details visit our website and get in touch with us at

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