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Hot Shot Midland TX

valid until: 06 Oct 2021date published: 06 Oct 2020

Hot Shot Trucking

We have experience dealing with Directional Drillers, Company Men, and Tool Pushers. We know how important it is to minimize rig NPT, and we do all we can do to help minimize that. Our drivers are familiar with all the tools/equipment that might need to be hauled, and most of them are former hands themselves. We can safely navigate oil field locations and get the cargo safely to and from the destination.

Oilfield deliveries need to get from their point-of-origin to their final destination quickly and safely. We are a company that provides dependable hot shot services and expedited delivery for operators/ service companies throughout Midland, Odessa, TX, the Permian Basin, and anywhere else you need something delivered from or to. We specialize in transporting oilfield equipment and supplies out of Midland and Odessa.

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Hot Shot Midland TX
Hot Shot Midland TX
Hot Shot Midland TX

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