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How Does Dark Web Stay Online Without Being Taken Down?

valid until: 15 Oct 2021date published: 15 Oct 2020

The very base of dark web understands its functioning. Dark web isn’t a mere host to host communication. It is intricate and set up in a very strong platform which includes several nodes. These nodes are spread across different continents. When a user types in an Onion link, his host client moves through a series of tor nodes. This path can be considered as a relay. When it reaches the server, it requests for data from the server. In shorts, TOR is a relayed network. Only the address immediate to the exit node can be traced and nothing further than that can be tracked down. Users who are vigilant during surfing the dark web can stay safe. By spoiling their anonymity online, they are open for serous hazards. There were instances of reporting and taking down of web pages in the dark net as well.



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