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Water Tank Cleaning Service In Dubai

valid until: 16 Oct 2021date published: 16 Oct 2020

Team stalwart is a leading water tank cleaning service provider in Dubai, UAE for both domestic water tank cleaning services and commercial water tank cleaning services. Their well trained professional water tank cleaners use hygienic and mechanized cleaning solutions for water storage tank. They also ensure usage of high-pressure water jet machines for a thorough cleaning. With their water tank cleaning services you can guarantee 100 % pure and hygienic water as they use safe, effective and eco-friendly anti-bacterial agents.

It is a MUST to have your water tanks cleaned and disinfected at least every 6 months!

Our tank cleaning process involves:

1.Draining the tank
2.Cleaning/Scrubbing the tank
3.Rinsing & Flushing
4.Draining & Drying
5.Disinfecting and Sterilization
6.Post cleaning inspection
7.Tank damage assessment
8.Tank refilling testing
9.Water quality testing

Team Stalwart can provide professional and safe cleaning and disinfection for different types of tanks. Utilizing specialist cleaning equipment, we are able to quickly clean and disinfect tanks and refill for use. A full inspection report with photographs is provided detailing any problems associated with the tank and a work completion certificate with before and after photographs is provided upon completion.

Call us today on 04 3467967 To discuss your requirements with one of our qualified engineers

Stalwart Solutions LLC. Dubai, UAE.
+971 4 346 8485 | +971 4 346 7967


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