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valid until: 19 Oct 2021date published: 19 Oct 2020

If you're someone who drives, it's important for you to know what actions can result in a traffic ticket. While most traffic offenses are infractions, which are minor crimes, they can still have negative consequences. Tickets traffic violations can result in expensive tickets, higher insurance rates, and possibly suspension of your driver's license. Some traffic violations can even result in a misdemeanor or felony charges. FindLaw's section on Types of Traffic Tickets offers general information for the most common traffic laws and violations. Since each state has its own traffic rules, this section also provides links to state laws for various violations when the law is available. Traffic tickets are issued because you did something wrong while driving. Your vehicle was technically “moving” and you received a violation from law enforcement for an infraction like speeding, not using your turn signal, running a stop sign, and so on. These tickets vary in severity depending on the nature of the violation and the punishments associated will vary as well. Traffic tickets for small offenses may only require a payment of a fine. While other violations such as vehicular homicide or serious car accidents can result in prison time, loss of driving privileges, and significant fines.



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