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Urgent Quests are going to be on the way to freshen up things in PSO2

valid until: 20 Oct 2021date published: 20 Oct 2020

When assessing an item, you may have two options: Appraisal and improved Appraisal. An Enhanced Appraisal is quite a bit more costly and is really only useful for the highest-tiered things to maximize the benefits. When you go to validate the appraisal of an item, you can select what element and strengthen you want to add to the gear. You will get more powerful reinforces over the years as you continue to playwith. But it's actually neither of those things in the looks of it. According to a followup trailer (embedded over ) that was released after the showcase finished on the official North American PSO2 YouTube station.

There is plenty of fresh content with Episode 5 to keep players active, and the story goes back to being centered around ARKS and combating the Dark Falz. Alongside all these exciting new features, new things and Scratch Tickets will also be out, and fresh Urgent Quests are going to be on the way to freshen up things in PSO2. There are still lots of details to be revealed as time goes one, but a few major things like battle and the world are much clearer. Hiro Arai from Sega was live for nearly an hour to show footage off of gameplay and also speak about what new things are on the road. Not much was mentioned about the current game and the update coming alongside NG's launch aside from the graphic update, which will be looking great.

Maps are no more split into regions with loading screens. NG is going to have an entirely open world in the home base to the field. The TGS footage showed a gorgeous new world that's a significant update from the game. Blades of grass blow in the end, lush forests lie on the other side of valleys and frosty mountains can be viewed in the distance. Arai mentions that distinct regions can be attained easily simply by exposing the entire world.

It seems like that is the world Naberious from the present game, with woods being next to tundra and other regions. Areas continue to be technically divided up, but there's no loading between them. While it hasn't been straight mentioned, an open world such as this suggests there may not be single celebration places . Most revealed in the footage were multi-party regions where there were other gamers. The cover for multi-party places has been lowered to eight down from twelve in the current PSO2, but that you see will differ from area to area.

Weather is creating a better comeback since it changes dynamically and can affect the battlefield, although the size of the effect was not spoken of. Time will also change, and footage showed some nice touches like fireflies in the woods at night. There is no word on fast travel, vehicles or mounts yet, but Sega has implemented several new ways for players to move quickly across this new world. Players will have the ability to run faster after a dodge both in and outside of battle.

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