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Adjustable Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

valid until: 27 Oct 2021date published: 27 Oct 2020

Whether you like to use different sleeping positions or have a specific complaint about your sleep, an adjustable pillow offers a more customized alternative to standard pillows. Regular pillows have some filling inside that you can’t easily change. However, adjustable pillows have a zipper that opens up an inner lining so you can either add or remove filling or inserts to suit your needs.

Unlike when buying traditional pillows, you usually don’t have to worry about seeking an adjustable pillow suitable for a specific sleeping position. Instead, the maker may pre-fill the pillow with a standard amount of stuffing for you to adjust as you need, or the pillow may come empty and ready for you to fill from the start. The amount of stuffing included can vary, so consider how fluffy or firm you want the pillow when choosing a brand.

You can find adjustable memory foam pillows in standard to king sizes. You can likely use any of these sizes if you’re the only one in a twin- to a full-sized bed, but the queen and king options give you more opportunities for adjustments. Queen and king beds can accommodate two pillows of the accompanying size, while a full bed can accommodate two standard pillows.

Most adjustable pillows use a filling consisting of shredded memory foam that will adjust to your head and neck. Sometimes, manufacturers will include regular polyester stuffing as a mix with the shredded foam, or they’ll instead feature foam inserts that can be easier to work with. Having cooling gel infused in the stuffing or inserts is common as many adjustable pillows focus on keeping you cool and comfortable.

Along with considering the filling, pay attention to the pillow’s layers to find a comfortable and easy to use option. Many adjustable pillows often have a bamboo-infused soft cover that offers cooling properties (bamboo cooling pillow) and has small vents throughout that help with breathability. This cover usually is machine-washable for convenience.

There will often be an inner liner you can zip and unzip to add and remove the filling, and getting to the filling may involve an extra outer zipper too. You’ll want to choose an adjustable pillow that has a durable zipper and is easy to open and close.

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Adjustable Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

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