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Pallet Rack

valid until: 17 Dec 2021date published: 17 Dec 2020

As a industrial racking system, our teardrop Pallet Racking is one of the commonly used racking in warehouses and logistics centers in the American market. This name comes from its punching shape similar to teardrops. Teardrop pallet rack is mainly composed of uprights, beams, horizontal braces, diagonal braces and footplates. The distance between the teardrop-shaped continuous punching holes on the upright is 2 inches. Therefore, the installation height of the beam can be adjusted freely.

Jracking is specialized in producing heavy duty racks, such as US standard teardrop pallet racks, Australian standard pallet racking, European standard pallet racking and cantilever racking. We also supply such as push back racking, drive in racking, electric mobile racking, mezzanine, platform, long span shelving and so on.

When you are configuring a pallet rack system, there are two types of capacity to take into account: beam capacity and upright capacity. Getting those capacities right is a critical factor in safe, efficient rack operations, so understanding why they are very different numbers is important.

Beams are simple to calculate beam capacity, it’s a simple number. Almost any beam sold has a standard capacity per pair. To be clear, that means that this rack beam has 2000KGS capacity per level (two beams) not for each beam. There are rules for load distribution (it has to be evenly distributed), but essentially that’s a rather easily understood number. You can have two pallets of up to 1000KGS each on that beam level. We also have warehouse pallet racks.



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