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Davao medical school foundation fee structure

valid until: 22 Jan 2022date published: 22 Jan 2021

Ideal choice for Indian Students to pursue medical studies

International Standard Education
Digital Anatomy Table
Simulation Lab

Founded in 1976
Davao Medical University Philippines was founded in 1976 and has continuously updated its Curriculum paving way for the medical students to learn the latest developments in Medical Education.

WHO Accreditation
World Health Organization (UNO) and the Medical Council of India has given Accreditation to the Davao Medical College for the standard of education it offers.

Worldclass Technology
Latest World class Medical Technology has been followed in the Hospitals attached to this Medical College and the students are trained in them.

Anatomage Table
Anatomage Table' is the latest digital equipment 'which has revolutionized the teaching of Anatomy and Surgery in Medical Education. This tool is found in less than hundred colleges in the whole world. Davao Medical College is one of the few medical colleges in the Philippines that has the “Anatomage Table”. Mohamed Ghani, Director LIMRA during his visit, was wonderstruck by the use of the Anatomage Table in the classroom and in the hospital. He made an interview with the Dean of Davao Medical College regarding this tool.

Simulation Lab
A newly designed digital tool called “SIMULATION LAB” is being used in a few Medical Colleges in Western Countries. This is established and installed at a high cost at Davao Medical College in order to make the teaching of Surgery and Concepts of Medicine highly effective. Any number of repetition can be had in learning and practising the surgical methods, thus making the learning thorough. Mr. Mohammed Ghani when he visited Davao Medical College spent more than two hours with the Dean in getting to know its specifications and use.

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Davao medical school foundation fee structure

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