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Clear White Jasmine Brooch

valid until: 24 Jan 2022date published: 24 Jan 2021

A dazzling brooch destined to ascent the appeal of your suit, sweater or coat. A delicately etched white inner flower-crowned with a gold-finish tip sits cradled by clear petals. This intricate arrangement is complemented by etched gold-finish leaves, elegant and regal.

A brooch with a sophisticated stature perfect for weddings and those power meetings, but carefree enough for very casual settings as well.

Anything you order at Upcycle with Jing is made-to-order. Your order will take anywhere from 5 to 7 days to be produced.

I first collect PET plastic bottles from the streets or event venues of Helsinki. Bottles are then washed, sanitized and prepped for my jeweler’s studio where I, Jing, personally work on your order.

Your jewelry is made with an intricate process where I first cut the plastic into shapes inspired by flowers, nature and art forms. Then, using candle heat, I very carefully curl the plastic into the beautiful organic shapes you see featured in my product portfolios. I then adorn your jewelry with beads, leaves and other fashion accessories. A final assembly ensures perfectly durable and functional wear.

Every step of my creative process is a very conscious one, designed to minimize plastic waste.

Want to Customize Your Order? We’d love to!

I can customize the color of your jewelry. Simply drop me a note at jing @ and I will gladly create your custom request.



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Clear White Jasmine Brooch

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