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The main features with the thermal imaging systems focuse to the following

valid until: 02 Feb 2022date published: 02 Feb 2021

Passive way is that body naturely generate this type of wave pass through clothes and detected by the system. Scanner analysis the outcome and show images to search for the threats. Another way, energetic kind, is the machine to make Terahertz wave to penetrate human body and detected by technique and show body iamges.
Thermal imaging systems are fashioned and produced for coronavirus control. We use thermal imager cameras to gather the group people shape temperature, analysis and report in our software system to show all real time physique temperatures, alarm for the high temperature of those with light and sound. Make record of all alarmed person. All inspection process are automatically done which has no touching.

Government offices are closed gradually because of the coronavirus, while for necessary management from the whole country or nearby states, government offices cannot be closed totally. No touching temperature measurement solution need to be provided, for the key persons who sadly are working under danger.
4-Commercial structures including factories, companies, lodges, banks ect.
After the coronavirus issue is in hand, all the commercial orgnizations will to normal work, while everybody get together again, that is certainly the risk of coronavirus distributing. In this way, the commercial buidling security department as well as management board should find the thermal imaging systems intended for group people temperature measurement to obtain the potential virus carrier, and manage the medical isolation on time.
We provide different leveles with thermal imaging security treatments for customers needs below different budget. We provide high level, middle degree, standard levels solutions. Every single solution mainly including thermal camera, EI software, and optional parts including black bodies which is often used for high level accuracy and reliability calibration. Generally the systems will vary in the thermal video cameras with different thermal imaging promises.
The main features with the thermal imaging systems focuse to the following:
1-No touching shape temperature measuring
2-Group people today pass without stop
3-Sound and also light alarm for large temperature person
4-Data management system to obtain records
5-High accuracy measuring with real time figures of temperatures.
6-Self setting belonging to the alarm temperature.
7-Easy operation for almost any junior operators.
8-Easy movement and installations for virtually any public places
For more details and also products catalogs please send email by E-mail sales@eastimage. com. cn
Trust our solution might be helpful for the globally people.



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