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Shock Absorbor Tube

valid until: 22 Feb 2022date published: 22 Feb 2021

Cold drawn seamless tubes: the working cylinder and the liquid storage cylinder of the double cylinder hydraulic shock absorber are all made of precision steel pipe, and the installation ring is made of seamless finish rolling pipe. It is one of the important parts of the shock absorber and the first choice to realize the lightweight of the shock absorber. We also have Cold Drawn Tubes and Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes.

Precision welded pipes have gained much popularity among commercial and residential industries and construction companies all over the world. For a long time now, pipe manufacturers have been using different techniques for making precision welded pipes, but all these techniques prove to be unreliable and inefficient in some cases. This is mainly because of the fact that there are too many variables involved in creating precision welded pipes. However, now there is a solution to this problem of efficiency by means of a new method known as Ultrasonic Welded Pipes. Basically, this technique involves the use of ultrasonic wave technology to generate a strong high voltage power which is used to weld the pipes together. With this technique, all these factors mentioned above are totally irrelevant to the production of precision welded pipes.

There are several methods used for non-invasive testing of precision pipe. The most widely used methods for precision welding pipes are eddy current, ultrasonic or magnetic leakage analysis. Eddy Current fault detection is good for surface defects in metal materials and surface defects near the surface and also for other defects in the pipe. On the other hand, magnetic permeability detection uses a magnetic field to detect the leakages of gas. It works by using a magnetic field to induce a change in the permeability of a pipe. Lastly, magnetic permeability inspection uses a magnet to detect the leakages in a piping material. We also have Precision Welded tubes and Precision steel tubes.



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Shock Absorbor Tube

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