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Stainless Steel Sieve Plate Welding Machine manufacturers

valid until: 24 Feb 2022date published: 24 Feb 2021

Our History
Xinxiang Jiashi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. It is a comprehensive manufacturing company integrating product research and development, planning and design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, product sales and after-sales service.
Our Factory
Jiashi Machinery pays special attention to product quality. Based on high-quality products and strong capital, Jiashi Machinery has a high-precision technology research and development team; a complete production, operation and after-sales service system; professional production equipment, large-scale productivity and technical advantages.
Our Product
1. Johnson screen production machine
2. Wire-wound screen welding machine
3. Tubular filter making machine
4. Tubular filter element making machine
5. Resistance Welding Wire Wound Screen Equipment
6. Cylindrical Screen Welding Machine
7. Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine
Product Application
The equipment we produce can produce Johnson screens, stainless steel wire-wound screens, and sieve plates; The products are mainly used in petrochemical filtration equipment, sewage treatment, coal washing plants, well drilling, food filtration, etc.!
Our Certificate
Patent: Filter device for backwashing
Production Equipment
1. Tubular filter element making machine
2. Tubular filter making machine
3. Wire cutting machine
4. Lathe
5. Polishing machine
6. Bench drill and other small equipment
Production Market
Products are mainly sold to China, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries
Our Service
Politely, enthusiastically and patiently confirm customer inquiries, enthusiastically help customers choose products, listen carefully and meet customer needs;
Timely verify the buyer's information, follow up and communicate in time;
When customers report problems, check the situation and deal with it.Stainless Steel Sieve Plate Welding Machine manufacturers



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