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Automatic Chocolate Melanger Premium 40KG Century Melanger

valid until: 02 Mar 2022date published: 02 Mar 2021

Century melanger produces 40Kgs or 88Lbs bean to bar chocolate machine with salient features like Automatic Tilting, Pneumatic Pressure Adjustment, Speed Controller and Timer. Automatic chocolate making machine is highly operational efficient with low maintenance and ready to use.Century melanger's automatic chocolate grinding machine will grind and refine the cocoa nibs into chocolate paste however less than 15-20 Microns.The bean to bar chocolate melanger machine is utilized for chocolate conching and refining of the cacao bean.Chocolate making machine has a maximum capacity of 40Kgs or 88Lbs per bath process. This compact chocolate producing machine is used in chocolate Grinding, Peanut grinding, Nut butter grinding, Chocolate Mixing, and almond butter Grinding.Bean to Bar Chocolate melanger is made up of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material supported with body and drum.Automatic Chocolate melanger 40kgs with speed controller allows you to increase the shelf life of the chocolates. Automatic chocolate making machine runs highly efficient without the risk of over-heating or breakdown.Chocolate melanger machine is uniquely designed and it can be operated in various speeds without an external cooling fan system. It efficiently produces chocolate in masses and can be operated by a single person.Cocoa melanger equipment is made up of heavy-duty motor and heavy-duty gearbox for continuous grinding purposes.It is backed up with Double Granite stone which can be adjusted effortlessly while running the machine to reduce the shear of the cocoa nibs.The basement of the double granite stone is assembled with heavy hard granite stone for fine & easy grinding. It is supported with a lid and it could be operative without lid too.Chocolate melanger will not get overheated due to the installation of the heavy-duty gearbox and the motor. We don’t need any skilled worker to operate our cocoa melanger. By using our melanger we can produce fine Cocoa butter Pea nut butter cashew paste and seed butter from starch.In the 40kgs chocolate making machine, the range of speed can be manually adjusted according to the making of cocoa butter. It is highly potential and robust and there is no possibility for the generation of heat.The chocolate melanger equipment meets international energy standards to satisfy the energy-saving system.Cocoa melanger is formed with 100% stainless steel food-grade material. The automatic tilting feature facilitates the user to pour out the chocolates without a need to lift the vessel or drum.



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Automatic Chocolate Melanger Premium 40KG Century Melanger
Automatic Chocolate Melanger Premium 40KG Century Melanger
Automatic Chocolate Melanger Premium 40KG Century Melanger

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