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After choosing a specific skill from which to be hired

valid until: 11 May 2022date published: 11 May 2021

After choosing a specific skill from which to be hired, the workers' name and stats of the skill will be posted in a database. Now, this database is divided so that a company looking for a herblist will not have to look through the rest of the people who are chefs. Workers and Receiving Orders. The workers, of course, have to get paid for their work. To be able to get paid they must do a job. So, the jobs have been selected this manner.

A costumer comes to Workman Steve to place an order. Here, the worker will have yet another pop-up tab showing all of the companies that work to get his job done. After placing his order (I will explain prices afterwards ) one worker will pick up his purchase. After this happens, the individual who requests will find an upgrade (much like the update stating that your Grand Exchange order has been completed) saying that his order is in the process of being finished. After the order is completed, the person simply goes to Workman Steve to pic up his purchase.

Now, when a worker goes to Workman Steve to test on his company, he'll observe that there's an order to be finished. If he wants he can click on the sequence to say he is doing it. When he completes the arrangement, he gave the product into Workman Steve, who'll place in afirm outbox for your customer to pick it up.

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