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3D Ground Navigator 2 Best 3D Metal Detector

valid until: 07 Jul 2022date published: 07 Jul 2021

3D Ground Navigator 2 is a powerful 3D ground scanner and metal detector designed to find and detect a deep treasure at great depths.
Among the important features for the prospectors is the ability to display the results of the scan visually in the form of a 3D drawing in a variety of colors representing the metal or the target, for example, a metal in a red color - an ordinary ground in a green and blue color for spaces such as tunnels...
It is a best professional device for those who want to search for gold treasures buried hundreds of years ago and prospecting for ancient relics that include statues - ancient weapons such as swords, shields, old coins chests, jars ... etc.
Get an overview about Ground Navigator by watching following video:
To order and inquire about prices, contact us using the following numbers:
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3D Ground Navigator 2 Best 3D Metal Detector