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Core College Classes: Common Higher Education Curriculum

valid until: 08 Sep 2022date published: 08 Sep 2021

Going to college means specific classes that must be taken, no matter what major a student has. Being ready for the core curriculum makes education easier.
Whether a student goes away to college or studies from home, he can't just take the classes he wants to take and expect to get a degree. There are many classes that make up the core curriculum of any higher education institution, and they all have to be taken and passed along with the classes that are specific to a particular major. Only then will a degree be awarded.

Common Core Classes in Higher Education
Usually, core college classes include math, science, and English. This is true whether a person is attending a four-year or two-year educational institution, but four-year universities often have stronger requirements. A higher number of classes will need to be taken, and many of these classes will also be more advanced (Algebra I and II instead of Business Math, for example).

Some two-year colleges are considered to be technical schools, and they don't require as many core college classes as other two-year colleges do. Despite that, common higher education curriculum still requires that a person prove he is capable of the basic skills needed to receive a particular degree or diploma. Much more is needed than simply paying for the classes.

If a person who has a two-year degree from a technical college wishes to continue his education at a four-year university, many of that college's core classes will often have to be taken. They would not have been completed at the two-year level, but they'll be required for the four-year degree.

Core Curriculum and Four-Year Higher Education Institutions
For anyone going to a four-year college, it's important to be aware that preparation is the key when it comes to curriculum. Knowing what classes have already been completed at the college level (if any) and what classes will have to be completed can help a person to study and prepare for what comes next.

Online researching, tutoring, and books that offer study guides can all help someone who wants to go to college learn what he needs to know so he's ready for core curriculum and college-level classes. Each college or university has different requirements, but someone entering a four-year university can reasonably expect to take:

Algebra I and II as well as any math classes that are specific to a particular major, such as accounting, business mathematics, calculus, or geometry.
English I and II as well as writing classes that relate to a particular major or degree.
Science classes and social science classes.
Classes in a core curriculum, while somewhat varied, will be similar across all accredited four-year universities throughout a particular country. Checking with the higher education institutions that a person wants to attend would be a good first step to discovering what classes will be required. Studying and preparing for them in advance can make college life much smoother.

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Core College Classes: Common Higher Education Curriculum
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