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What does an online marketplace look like?

valid until: 13 Sep 2022date published: 13 Sep 2021

An online marketplace connects buyers and sellers. The marketplace is populated by sellers who bring inventory while buyers supply the demand. Transactions are the middleman. Amazon transactions are for products, while Airbnb transactions are for houses for rent or space being traded. Capsule transactions are for purchasing medicines. An eCommerce website is different from a marketplace in that only products and services belonging to one brand can be sold through eCommerce. Marketplaces may have millions or even millions of sellers selling a wide range of products. This huge inventory drives more traffic to marketplaces and gives sellers more exposure. The world's most successful businesses are those that operate through marketplaces. Amazon's value as of June 2021 is $314 billion. Other major marketplaces, such as Alibaba, eBay, and Uber, are also listed in super-wealthy companies.



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What does an online marketplace look like?