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Oil Dielectric Loss Test System

valid until: 19 Oct 2022date published: 19 Oct 2021


Oil dielectric loss test system, is designed and manufactured based on GB/T5654-2007 of《Liquid insulating material of relative permittivity, dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity measurements》. It is used for measuring dielectric dissipation factor and DC resistivity of insulating oil and other insulating liquids. The instrument is characterized by integrated structure, and integrates test cell, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test bridge, AC test power, standard capacitor, high resistance meter, DC high voltage source and other major components. The instrument adopts full digital technology and all of the intelligent automatic measurement, is equipped with large colcor screen (800*480) LCD display, which each step has prompted the Chinese, the test results can be automatically stored and printed output, so that the operator without professional training will be able to use it proficiently.


Voltage supply: AC 220V±10%

Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ±1%

Measuring range:

Electric capacity 5pF~200pF

Relative Permittivity 1.000~30.000

Dielectric loss factor 0.00001~100

DC Resistivity 2.5MΩm~20TΩm

Measuring accuracy:

Electric capacity ± (1% of measured value+0.5pF)

Relative Permittivity ±1% of measured value

Dielectric dissipation factor ± (1% of measured value+0.0001)

DC Resistivity ±10% of measured value


Electric capacity 0.01pF

Relative capacitivity 0.001

Dielectric dissipation factor 0.00001

Measured temperature range:0~125℃

Temperature measurement error:±0.5℃

Test Voltage AC(RMS): 500~2000V Continuously adjustable, frequency 50Hz

Test Voltage DC: 0~500V Continuously adjustable

Power consumption:100W

External dimensions: 500×360×420

Total weight: 22Kg


Ambient temperature:0℃~40℃

Relative humidity(RH):

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Oil Dielectric Loss Test System