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Oil Trace Moisture Tester

valid until: 20 Oct 2022date published: 20 Oct 2021

product description:

Oil trace moisture tester This instrument is able to work more reliably and conveniently by using the most advanced control circuit and 32 bit embedded microcontroller processor as the master control core and utilizing embedded mini operating system.

Oil trace moisture tester (2)

Technical index:

Titration method:Coulometric titration(Coulomb analysis)

Display:Color LCD touch screen

Electrolytic current control:0~400mA automatic control

Measurement scope:3ug~100mg

Sensitive valve:0.1µg H2O


More than 1mg but not greater than 0.3%

Printer:Miniature thermal printer

Power supply:220V±10%、50Hz

Power:< 40W

Ambient temperature:5~40℃

Ambient humidity:≤ 85%

External dimension:340×295×155

Weight:About 5.5kg

Oil trace moisture tester


Utilizing 32 bit embedded microcontroller processor as the master control core and embedded mini operating system.

Be stable and reliable because of constant pressure detection, high precision and rapid measuring speed.

Simple operation and convenient digital calculation due to color touch screen and full digital keyboard.

Four calculation formulas are included, which can meet the different requirement of customer.

Miniature thermal printer with time record make searching more convenient.

New profile is designed according to the ergonomics.

Creative and optimal operating software will bring a different touch experience for you.

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Oil Trace Moisture Tester