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Smart irrigation: Why your sprinkler should be smart Izone

valid until: 27 Oct 2022date published: 27 Oct 2021

Smart irrigation system collects information from sensors and sends predefined user orders to actuators, that make the water sprinkler go off. The info is collected by moisture sensors. A user defines the moisture and the temperature range. When the edge is reached an action is performed.

1. Remote control
2. Set up separate irrigation zones for plants that have different needs
3. Irrigation scheduling
4. Get notified
5. Even smarter smart irrigation
6. Interoperability

iZone smart irrigation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere within the world, using the iZone app on your smart device.

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Location: 9 Geelong Court, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163
Contact us: 61 (08)94186631

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