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Tattoo Removal Treatment

valid until: 28 Dec 2022date published: 28 Dec 2021

Are the tattoos you received in your teens and early 20s constantly nagging you and reminding you about the wrong decision you took? Or is that awesome look image now stretching stretched, wrinkled, and discolored due to the natural aging process? If you've got an idea that isn't yours anymore, it's the right time to consider having laser removal of tattoos at Skin and Laser Surgery. Please find out more about it here. How do you get it done? At Skin Laser Surgery Center, we provide our patients with two laser options to remove their tattoos, such as Nd: YAG and Alexandrite lasers. The Nd YAG Lasers FDA-certified laser is composed of a crystal employed in solid-state lasers designed to target pigment particles in ink and split them into smaller pieces, which are then absorbed naturally by the body. Alexie Lasers: This kind of laser emits a sort of red light that is part of the spectrum of infrared light and is capable of producing high-intensity laser beams within extremely short and short pulses. Does it work? The type of skin, the colors of your tattoo, and the size of the tattoo will indicate how efficient the process of removal is. For instance, blue and black inks are well-absorbed by lasers, and green ink can't. Also, depending on how your skin tone responds to your laser's energy, it could require more treatments than other people. What should I anticipate? In the process of removing tattoos with lasers within the Skin Laser Surgery Center, you can be assured of the finest. While multiple sessions are necessary to remove any tattoo, the results are excellent. In addition, you should consider healing time between sessions of lasers as part of the whole process for the most effective results, and you'll need to be patient. Look for a professional if you've got an image that you'd like to have removed. Our office has the most advanced methods of removing tattoos and will provide you with what you've always been searching for. For an appointment, please call Skin Laser Surgery Center now!

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