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Why is Virtual CoWorking Space an Integral Part of Coworking?

valid until: 30 Dec 2022date published: 30 Dec 2021

As the landscape of co-working is ever-evolving, introducing a virtual co-working space is a critical part of the workspace offering.
According to studies, virtual office spaces now make up almost 20% of the total flexible co-working industry revenue. Virtual co-working space provides remote employees, mobile workers, freelancers, independent contractors and companies with a credible address without the overheads of permanent office space. At Kontor space, the virtual coworking space has facilities such as mail receipt, access to office space ad conference rooms and phone answering. Thus, you get the best of the physical space at a fraction of a cost.
The virtual element helps co-working spaces expand their offerings, giving co-workers a sense of community without having to go to a traditional office. Indeed, a differentiator for Kontor Space, a virtual co-working space.
Here are some of the benefits of introducing a flexible workspace in your business:
1. Tenants want more flexibility – The demand for virtual co-working spaces is rising because millennials want mobility in their workspace. Gone are the days where companies would want their staff to work from 9 to 5, 5 days a week. Workers want flexibility in working from home or being mobile. The goal is mental well-being and increased productivity.
2. Reduces overheads for your customers – Businesses and startups leverage virtual co-working spaces because of the minimal overheads whilst making a professional impression. For businesses that spend a minor amount of their time at a physical office, virtual office spaces help them cut down on the cost of a reception. As and when the company grows, you can opt for physical co-working for your employees.
3. Additional perks – By opting for a virtual co-working space at Kontor Space, the benefits you can access are:
• Increased productivity
• Better work-life balance
• Being a part of a vibrant community
• Affordable office address in the prime location

At Kontor Space that provides co-working in Thane, we provide assisted incubation, with additional services to help you build your company. Do get in-tuned with us today to understand more about check our plans. To boost collaboration, we organizes events where you'll network with industry peers. If you’re trying to seek out a customised managed space, we design the space according to your requirements. To choose right office space call us: 02262790000 / 1.

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Why is Virtual CoWorking Space an Integral Part of Coworking?
Why is Virtual CoWorking Space an Integral Part of Coworking?
Why is Virtual CoWorking Space an Integral Part of Coworking?