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Oil Density Tester

valid until: 04 Jan 2023date published: 04 Jan 2022

Product description:

The Oil density tester meets the requirement of GB/T 1884-2000. With high performance microprocessor, blue LCD and PID self-tuning control technology, the instrument is characterized with high temperature control accuracy, reliable performance and good operation, which is a special instrument for replacing imported products in petroleum, power and chemical industries.

Technical index:

1. Display: Color touch screen

2. Temperature control scope: 0-100℃

3. Control accuracy: ±0.1 ℃

4. Heating power: 1500W

5. Cooling medium: water or ethanol

6. Number of cold bath holes: 2 holes

7. Power: AC220V±10%

8. Frequency: 50Hz±2.5Hz

Oil density tester


The instrument is reliable

High accuracy of temperature control

It works well and is a special instrument for replacing imported products in power and other industries.

Density refers to the mass of a substance contained in a unit volume at a specified temperature. The density of petroleum products increases with the increase of carbon, oxygen and sulfur in its composition, so it contains more aromatics, colloids and asphaltenes, has a greater density, and therefore contains more naphthenes, has a medium density, and therefore contains The alkanes have a smaller density. Therefore, according to the density (or specific gravity) of petroleum products, the type and composition of petroleum can be judged to some extent.

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Oil Density Tester