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Automatic Variable Ratio Group Tester

valid until: 05 Jan 2023date published: 05 Jan 2022


In the process of semi-finished and finished production of power transformers, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation and according to the state Grid's preventive test rules, it is required to test the transformer's turn ratio or voltage ratio regularly.The traditional variable ratio bridge operation is tedious, the reading is not intuitive, and the necessary conversion, the test result is only one phase change ratio value.The transformer transformer ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional transformer ratio bridge test, the screen uses a large screen high resolution LCD screen, convenient to use in the field, with Chinese menu prompt function, simple and intuitive operation, a complete three phase change ratio test, test speed, high accuracy.

Technical parameter:

The accuracy of
±(reading x 0.1%+2 words)(< or equal to 500)

±(reading x 0.2%+2 words)(≥ 500 ≤ 3000)

±(Reading x 0.3%+2 words)(> 3000)

The resolution of the
0.9 ~ 9.9999 (0.0001) 100 ~ 999.99 (0.01) 10000 and above (1)

10 ~ 99.999 (0.001) 1000 ~ 9999.9 (0.1)

Working power supplyAC220V±10% 50Hz
Instrument weight3.5kg
The use of temperature-10℃~50℃
Overall dimensions260mm(l)×200mm(W)×160mm(H)
Relative humidity< 90%, no dew


1. Full three-phase sinusoidal inverter output, the output voltage is automatically adjusted, with soft start, soft stop function, so the test speed is fast, high precision;

2. Three-phase transformer, single-phase transformer, PT, Z type transformer ratio, group, polarity test function;

3. Blind test function, that is, variable ratio and group test when high and low pressure connection mode is not known;

4. CT variable ratio polarity test function;

5. Angle difference test function for single-phase test;

6. Tap position can be tested up to 197;

7. Wide test range, up to 10000;

8. High and low voltage reverse connection protection function;

9.Output short circuit protection function;

10.No power off clock and date display;Data storage mode is divided into local storage and usb storage can be directly edited and printed on the computer;

11. Thermal printer printing function, fast;

12. Small size, light weight, easy to carry and use.

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Automatic Variable Ratio Group Tester