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evaporator condenser Alaqua INC

valid until: 05 Jan 2023date published: 05 Jan 2022

Crystallizers are used in industries to separate liquid and solid components. They are also one of the most important parts of the processing equi[pments as they are capable of producing high purity products at comparatively low energy inputs. Alaqua Inc is the crystallizers supplier for forced circulation crystallizer, Oslo type growth crystalized (classified- suspension crystallizers), cooling crystallizer, evaporative crystallizer, and vacuum crystallizer among which the forced circulation crystallizer and Oslo type growth crystalizer are the majorly important and useful crystallizers due to various reasons. Forced circulation crystallizers can either be single or multiple effects which means that the concept of vapor recompression can be applied. The basic design criteria for Oslo-type growth crystallizers are twofold.

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evaporator condenser Alaqua INC