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valid until: 05 Jan 2023date published: 05 Jan 2022

Hotel Newka launched on December 3, 2021 after opening for early access on November 26, 2021. Hotel Newka was initially planned to be developed for the sole purpose of staying open for the long term. This meant that even with the upkeep, full time jobs of staff, seasons of very few users and other potential barricades, Hotel Newka is built to withstand the storm and continue striving during all issues. Hotel Newka was opened to be there for those who want to play, and want that freedom Habbo Hotel never gave you- and to avoid the politics and unruly staff on other Hotels. Hotel Newka believes in freedom of speech, as well as holding everyone accountable. We believe that we will continuously grow due to our belief system and ideals we uphold.

Every 5 levels you level up, you gain a new 'Rank'. For every Rank, you recieve a Rare Reward. Rare Rewards are specific to ranking up in Hotel Newka and these items CAN and WILL NEVER be available via the catalogue or other means. Staff is aware they may not give out Rare Reward items. This keeps our economy strict and keeps the Rare Rewards are expensive as possible, keeping the reward high in achieving new ranks within Hotel Newka.
When you reach Level 1 (Rank 1) the first Rare Reward is the Newkajuice Laser Gate and it will be added directly into your inventory upon achieving Level 1. Each Rank after that (Level 10, 15, 20 so on and so forth) you will receive the next Rare Reward in line. Each Rare Reward becomes more expensive as your rank increases.
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Join The Fastest Growing Online Community
Join The Fastest Growing Online Community
Join The Fastest Growing Online Community