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Edifier S880DB Bluetooth Speaker

valid until: 06 Jan 2023date published: 06 Jan 2022

Edifier is one of the leading speaker companies in the world. It brings you the best series of portable, bookshelf speakers, trolley speakers, and also home theatre series. You can choose from a large number of varieties for your favorite speakers.

Brand Edifier


Edifier S880 DB is a compact 2.0 speaker. The combination of size, appearance, and color makes it look different from the previous S series and R series. The size and color make it easier to integrate into the home atmosphere. It is more challenging to make a good sound with a much smaller size. The leading technology platform of S880 DB is based on the previous S series, but the core function part has also made a significant upgrade.
The Edifier S880DB is a top-shelf set of desktop speakers for a very reasonable asking price. Offering good looks and excellent build quality, along with a host of connectivity options and a very adaptable sound signature.

Product Features:

.Full Range Bookshelf Speakers

.Compact Hi-Res Audio Certified

.Inputs and Controls

.Wireless Audio

.XMOS Digital Audio Processor

Product Specifications:

Power Output: R/L(treble): 12W+12W , R/L(deep bass): 32W+32W

Frequency Response: R/L: ≥85dB(A) , Frequency Response Delta: ≤1dB , Noise: ≤25dB(A)

Input Sensitivity:

PC: 800±500mV

AUX: 600±50mV

USB/Optical/Coaxial: 400±50mFFS

Bluetooth: 600±50mFFS

Input Type: USB Bluetooth Optical Coaxial PC AUX

1-year warranty

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Edifier S880DB Bluetooth Speaker