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How to maintain the door handle

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

1.Take necessary protective measures
Door locks expand and contract steadily due to thermal expansion and contraction, especially in winter, where the seasons change, the weather changes significantly, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so protective measures should be taken in winter.
2. Clean often
Regardless of whether it is the lock body or the door handle, if stains appear during use, it is necessary to prevent the door handle from corroding or deal with the stains deep in the lock body in time, and clean it with a neutral detergent.
3. Use the correct way to close the doorDoor handles often broke quickly because some friends’ houses did not use the correct method to close the door. Generally speaking, when closing the door, you should first hold the door handle, tighten the bolt to the lock body, and then close the door and loosen it to avoid breaking the handle due to excessive force or going in the wrong direction.
4. Pay attention to maintaining lubricationIf you hear metal squeaks when opening and closing the door, drop a small amount of lubricant on the door hinge. If the closing resistance is too large, you can lubricate the movable bolt with a small amount of oil. When opening the door, the key is not completely inserted into the keyhole. In winter, check whether the keyhole is frozen. In other seasons, check whether there are other foreign objects in the keyhole. Door handles and locks are indispensable in daily life, and they are also very important for maintenance.

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