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Loss Tester Intelligent Tg Dielectric Meter

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022


Loss Tester Intelligent Tg Dielectric Meter is a kind of instrument with high precision fully automatic measuring the dielectric loss tangent and capacitance of various high voltage electrical equipments in the power plants and substations. The adoption of frequency conversion technology could ensure the accurate measurement in the interference of strong electric field.

Main technical parameters:

1.High voltage output: 0.5~10kV

Increasing by 500V for each level, a total of 20 levels, capacity: 1500VA

2. Accuracy: tgδ: ± (reading *1.5% +0.06%)

Cx: ± (reading * 1.5% +5 PF)

3. Resolution: tgδ: 0.001% Cx: 0.001pF

4. Measuring range: 0.001%

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Loss Tester Intelligent Tg Dielectric Meter