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Partial Discharge Inspection Instrument

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

Product description:
Partial discharge inspection instrument is a digital partial discharge charged detection instrument designed by our company based on years of experience in partial discharge measurement. It adopts two emerging technologies, ultra high frequency (UHF) measurement and ultrasonic (US) measurement. This system uses modern electronic and computer integrated technology to realize signal amplification, filtering, data acquisition, data processing, partial discharge parameter calculation, map drawing, and automatic generation of test reports, thereby completing the intelligent measurement and analysis of partial discharge. This device adopts handheld design and Wince system development; the device is lightweight, convenient to carry, fast to measure, and easy to use on the spot; it has friendly interface, simple operation, and high refresh rate; and the device has complete functions, strong anti-interference ability, and accurate measurement. This instrument has no damage to the power equipment to be tested during the testing process, and has no impact on the operation of the equipment. According to the maps obtained by the multiple detection modes of the UHF and US methods, the diagnostic analysis of the detection of insulation defects or hidden dangers of power equipment can be performed to clearly determine the operating status of the power equipment.

Technical index:

Host parameters

Number of interfaces

2 interfaces,1 UHF interface,1 US interface

Sampling accuracy


Way of synchronization

Internal synchronization,External synchronization,

Light synchronization

UHF parameters

Measurement frequency range


Output method

Output with SMA head

Receiving method

Receive with antenna

Transfer method

Coaxial cable



Mean sensitivity


Dynamic Range


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Partial Discharge Inspection Instrument