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Madden 22s scout update is way too late for franchise players this year

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

Madden 22 is still set to receive the long-awaited Scouting update, which will add additional features into the series, but the update is currently lagging behind.

After a long wait after a long time, the Scouting update will be too late to save the franchise players of Madden 22.

The Scouting update is still on an unannounced release date

A lot of attention has been given to the franchise mode in Madden 22, starting with the #FixMaddenFranchise initiative, to which EA responded following the release of Madden 21.

Since since then, we've witnessed several positive actions from EA Sports highlighting some of the things they've been working on as well as their commitment towards franchise-based mode. The big update to the Scout upgrade isn't yet available The update has been delayed due to an unsuccessful launch.

Improved Scouting was one of the highlights EA paid great attention to during their Madden 22 release, and dedicated a whole part of EA Play Spotlight program to the expansion. The update did not arrive at launch, but the originally announced September date was missed and the Scouting update comes with an obscure mid September window.

The absence or lack of an announcement date test the patience of both those who thought of having to wait for Madden 22 and those who already played it.

Franchisees save money, but they have to sell

If you've purchased Madden 22 and you're taking your time in franchise mode, then you do so knowing that your efforts won't take too long to play the latest Scouting update content.

All the effort you invest in your current save will come to nothing if you don't want the new features to be available on the screen. Even before this Scouting update was delayed, EA clarified that users needed to sign up for the process of registering for franchises to be able to use the new Scouting system.

This means that all saved saves that are in use today will not be able to benefit from any of the features in the Scout system, as long as they are still in use even in the event of an update.

While EA did not explicitly state that the older saves would no longer be playable following the update, the avalanche of bugs and problems the game has faced this year makes it a probable scenario, whether on purpose or not. Players may have to begin from scratch or keep playing without the feature they're likely to be pleased about with Madden 22.

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