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Liposuction in Delhi NCR

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

At Kalosa Aesthetics, a plastic surgery clinic in India, get the best liposuction in Delhi NCR. Liposuction is a medical procedure that involves making a small incision and inserting a thin cannula to remove stubborn fat pockets from various parts of the body. Double chins/necks, abdomens/backs/flanks, arms, hips, larger male breasts, and thighs are the most commonly affected locations. New approaches have substantially enhanced the efficacy of fat removal via liposuction. Traditional liposuction involves manually moving a suction-fitted cannula back and forth to loosen fat and suction it out. A rapidly vibrating cannula is used in power-assisted liposuction, VASER or ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses ultrasound energy to dissolve the fat, and laser-assisted liposuction employs heat energy to break the fat cells. To learn more about liposuction body reshaping procedure, Visit Kalosa Aesthetics.

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