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VIP Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

Beekeeper Note is internet based note for management and control
of your beehives.
If you register for free, you can manages your bee-gardens.

You can:
- create 9 apiaries (bee-gardens)
- add 100 beehives per each apiary
- you have visual board for every apiary.
You can easy view position and bee mother's year for
every beehive. Every Bee year have different color
- manage every beehive: beemother, type, honey produce
- you have reports section where add produced honey
- also and reviews section to save temporary state of beehive

Beekeeper's Notebook Manual
The beekeeper's electronic diary is a computer program which is better from standard paper beekeeper's notebook. Beekeepers which are using computer immediately will appreciate the big advantages when manage their apiaries.
To use Beekeeper notebook you should register first. Every beekeeper has your own profile protect with password.

The best Beekeeper Note!
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Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.
Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.
Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.