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All you need to know about 19 Inch Surface Cleaner.

valid until: 07 Jan 2023date published: 07 Jan 2022

A 19 inch Surface Cleaner contains a Stainless Steel Handle with a two nozzle spray bar. It’s inlet dimensions
are 3/8”QC PLUG and outlet dimensions are 25020X2. The maximum Pressure it can handle is 4000 PSI / 276

The 19-inch surface cleaner is made of Industrial Plastic cover and the treated steel handle which makes it
reasonable for both hot and cold strain washer. The furthest down the line prologue to cleaning arrangements
by Monroe Tools is the simple to utilize surface cleaner with treated steel handle. This surface cleaner is
intended to clean enormous and level surfaces. This simple to utilize adaptable and shrewd cleaner has a
handle to support mobility permitting the administrator to clean vertical surfaces like divider and steps which are
at a more significant level. This 19 inch surface cleaner with treated steel handle has a two spout splash bar
which permits up to 8gpm 4000 psi and a bay: 3/8”QC PLUG and Outlet: 25020X2.Max Pressure: 4000
PSI/276 Bar and permits water upto Max Temperature: 150°C/302° F. Max Water Flow:10 Gallon. The
materials utilized are modern plastic cover and treated steel handle for a more grounded grasp. It is pertinent
for both hot and cold tension washers.

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All you need to know about 19 Inch Surface Cleaner.