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The full NHL 22 roster ratings changes here

valid until: 08 Jan 2023date published: 08 Jan 2022

From the NHL, Edmonton Oilers player Leon Draisaitl offers the biggest overall score for players whose rating was changed in November. He currently sits at a rating of 94. Other modifications include Detroit Red Wings Lucas Raymond with a +7 in the overall rating, St. Louis Blues Robert Thomas with an increase of 2 as well as Anaheim Ducks Troy Terry with an increase of 3. The full NHL 22 roster ratings changes here.

Football fans born following the time that Dirty Dancing went out of theaters never known the NFL sans John Madden Football. The well-known video game company now referred to as Madden NFL was first released as a game in 1988 specifically for MS-DOS along with Apple II. Apple II -- the season Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers beat in the finals of the Cincinnati Bengals for their third Super Bowl title.

The brainchild of football fanatic And Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins the game of the century was never made. The limitations of hardware at the time made the game's initial prototype limited to seven-on-7-seven-on-seven, but Coach John Madden required real 11-on-11 football before he would lend the use of his name.

Madden wanted a game that coaches and football analysts could play as a tool, not a game. It took more than three decades to develop -during a period when most games took a half-hour time to produce -it was Madden and other people associated with the project expected it to be canceled.

All that I remember are sadness, game producer Joe Ybarra stated about the game's creation. Ybarra quit from the Madden project EA shortly after it came out and was said to not take a football game for another full year.

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