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Best hair straightener for Men in India

valid until: 08 Jan 2023date published: 08 Jan 2022

Searching a hair straightener for men can be confusing. Compared to Men, Women are habituated to take good care of hair so not only they are more aware of their hair type and health but also women’s have a broad understanding of products like hair dryer or straightener comb and brand which would suits them.

If you have not cut hair like Army brat and love to manage them then you would be surprised to know that how beneficial hair straightener could be for men.

While you would have shortlist other grooming essentials, this article would helps you in figuring out best hair straightener for men that would be suitable for all your needs. Additionally men often use various type of cream, serum and gel over their hair for styling so, how does a hair straightener of men works differently?
What to prioritise while looking for hair straightener for men?
Men’s hair straighteners are suitable for almost all different hair types, but if you have fine or brittle hair, excessive heat can be damaging. Out of the factors like temperature, plate width, coating material and length of hair. Most deciding for choosing best hair straightener is length of hair. Your length of hair determine the plate width and temperature variation you should go for straightener.

Length of hair

If your hair is much longer than average or 5 inches, then look for standard plates hair straightener and if you have some what average length hair, then go for mini hair straightener. In either case of plate choice, always prefer hair straightener with variable heat setting for proper control over heating of plate.

There are different types of straighteners in market. Mini hair straighteners designed with 1/2” plates or less are suitable for men because they are meant for short hair use.

For hair straightener you have two different choices

Hair straightener flat iron
Hair straightener comb
Both of these does the task and you can go for one depending on your convenience. If you are interested in knowing more on hair straightener first, you can refer Which hair straighteners are best.

Hair straightener comb for men
Compared to flat iron hair straightener, comb hair straightener is getting popularity because of its convenience in use for men. Hair straightener comb for men is very convenient to use for both hairstyles & beard in very practical way to create a cool hairstyle for you.

With flat iron hair straightener your hair comes in direct contact with heating plate, so the risk of getting accidental longer heating exposure is more. Whereas with hair straightener comb, the comb teeth is coated with insulated material that provide evenly heating from root to tip of the hair.

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Best hair straightener for Men in India