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Digital Detector Partial Discharge Test

valid until: 10 Jan 2023date published: 10 Jan 2022

Product description:

Digital detector partial discharge test and the sensorwith the software using advanced signal processing technology covering a wide range of statistical methods and graphical display mode and coming with highenergy lithium batteries can flexibly achieve the detection of transformer partial discharge signals and ultrasonic signals capable of full range of detection for the transformer's partial discharge.

Partial discharge detection location detect the partial discharge changes in the transformer's internal during the operation by examining the partial discharge conditions of the device to analyze the insulating state of the transformer.

Echnical parameter:

Number of channels: 4 independent measurement channels (scalable) and 1 external trigger input channel.

Sampling rate: 200MSa / s

Sampling accuracy: 12bit

Host Screen size: 6.5 inches

Operation: mouse keyboard touch screen

Host interface: 2 USB ports 1 Ethernet port 1 VGA port.

Synchronous Frequency range: 30Hz ~ 1MHz

Power Mode: Built-in lithium battery or external AC power supply (AC220V 50Hz)

Measurement content: Discharge magnitude (Q) the discharge phase (?) the discharge density (N)

Data processing sampling period: ≤1μs

3 amplitude-time a relationshipmagnitude-phase relationship number of discharges-phase relationship

Charging power supply: AC220V; 50Hz frequency

System design life: more than 10 years

Digital detector partial discharge test

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Digital Detector Partial Discharge Test