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Traffic Signal Preemption Device

valid until: 10 Jan 2023date published: 10 Jan 2022

How does Traffic Signal Preemption Device Works
Emtrac System's Traffic Signal Preemption device is an automated system that allows regular operation of traffic lights at automated signalized intersections to be preempted. The system efficiently assists emergency vehicles, lowering response times and providing a way controlled manner that is smooth.
The system is robust, overriding any signal priority. It will stop a long green light for a green light for the vehicle requesting preemption. So, gradually, emergency vehicles reduce the time it takes them to get to their destination by freeing a path through traffic signals.

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location: Manufactured By STC, Inc. 1201 W. Randolph St, McLeansboro, IL 62859
phone: Richard D’Alessandro: (214) 607-0100
Fax: (214) 607-0105

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Traffic Signal Preemption Device