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IONIA SKU5plate Bottled Water Dispenser

valid until: 10 Jan 2023date published: 10 Jan 2022

5P Planum – Titanium Plates: 5 Proprietary electrodes with 4 layers of planum ensuring the best ionizer enriched water

Color LED Display: It is designed to generate ionized water ranged at stage from 1 through 4 by manipulating buttons in the control panel in the front side Color LCD display easily identifies 3 different functions (Blue Alkaline water, Orange: Acidic water, Green: Filtered water)

All-in-one type of water supply valve: It is easy to use and convenient to control the fine flow rate as the water supply valve (valve to turn water on/off) is integrated into the product body.)

The difference of filter technology makes water cleaner and healthier: It filters the harmful substance and keeps the beneficial mineral in water to make water clean and rich in minerals

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IONIA SKU5plate Bottled Water Dispenser