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valid until: 13 Jan 2023date published: 13 Jan 2022

Thinning in agriculture means the removal of some plants or some parts of a plant or tree that would help them to grow better. Thinning includes the removal of some parts of the plant or tree such as branches, buds, and roots but it does not mean cutting off the entire tree, this process is typically known as pruning. There are five methods of thinning that are thinning from below, thinning from above, diameter, geometrical thinning, and free thinning. Thinning is also required to provide the required resources for the forest trees. Thinning helps the trees to get the resources they need to grow like access to water, soil nutrients, and light. Thinning also helps to prevent the trees from insects and diseases. The light and space also helps the trees in growth and helps to improve habitat and food availability for the wildlife and develops biodiversity overall. Thinning also reduces the wildfire risk in the “dry-side”.

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