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buy Australian Shephard Puppies For Sale online

valid until: 15 Jan 2023date published: 15 Jan 2022
Name - Ballie
Gender: Male
BREED : Australian shephard
Text: +1 (213) 302-7531
We strive to personally nurture and imprint each puppy with a positive experience from the moment of birth. We nurture each and every one of them personally with care and concern realizing that each day that we have your puppy is one day closer until you have your precious furry friend in your home.
As a veterinarian, HEALTH is a priority for us in any litter that we breed. The Miniature American Shepherds receive all of the recommended health testings to ensure that I produce the healthiest puppies possible for the families that trust me to raise their new companion.
We are a community of dog lovers committed to helping you find the perfect puppy for your experience level, family, and home.
With us, you can rest assured that your new puppy is coming from a vetted, responsible breeder.
This is an athletic dog of medium size and bone; The Australian Shepherd is lithe, agile, and slightly longer than it is tall. This breed is muscular and powerful enough to work all day, without sacrificing speed and agility. This dog’s gait is free and easy and must be able to change direction or speed instantly. The double coat is weather-resistant, with the outer coat of medium texture and length, straight to wavy. The expression is keen, intelligent, and eager.
The Australian Shepherd has a great deal of stamina and is loving, bold, alert, confident, independent, smart, and responsive. If they don’t get a chance to exercise and challenge their strongly developed mental and physical activities, they are apt to become frustrated and difficult to live with. With proper exercise and training, this dog is a loyal, utterly devoted, and obedient companion. The Aussie is reserved with strangers and has a protective nature. This breed may try to herd children and small animals by nipping.

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buy Australian Shephard Puppies For Sale online