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Why Fire Protection Systems are Important?

valid until: 16 Jan 2023date published: 16 Jan 2022

Fire can both be your friend and/or enemy, depending on how you use it. Since forever, it has always played a major role in building civilizations yet if left uncontrolled can kill and destroy multitudes as well. This can bring financial loss and damage buildings and properties, as well as cause human fatalities.
There is a higher rate of fire occurrence these days. This is mostly caused by inappropriate use of combustible materials and defective electrical wirings. Hence, it is of utmost importance to install fire protection systems in your home or office. It should have the ability to detect early signs, like smoke before it escalates to an unmanageable level. Being prepared and well-equipped can save lots of lives and no important properties or assets like papers and infrastructures will be burned. Critical services needed for public safety like emergency medical services, call centers and the firemen can also be notified earlier. This means faster response to the emergency and better control.
There have been many technological developments related to fire protection systems lately that are now accessible to protect homes, establishments, and buildings. Cutting-edge and sophisticated tools and devices have been crafted for prevention and detection by applying fire protection engineering or FPE. FPE is the practical application of some principles used in engineering and the sciences to protect lives, properties and nature. This has been used since the Roman era. Originally, it was used to prevent fires from spreading and burning adjacent properties. However, during the time of industrialization, it began to look deeper into finding ways to put out a fire effectively. Factors that were looked into are the construction materials used for the building and also the contents of the infrastructure.
The three recognized vital components employed in efficient fire protection systems are passive and active protection and then education. When all of these three components are followed religiously according to the building or codes imposed in the area you are located, preventing and suppressing it as well as its fast detection is assured already.
Passive Protection
One of the main components needed in constructional foundation of a building is protection. You don't need fancy equipment because this can be achieved by simply compartmentalizing an area with firewalls. The materials that should be used for the ceiling, walls, doors, floors and many other parts of the house are fire resistant. The paint used should also be in-tumescent. Dampers are also integrated into the design to ensure it can be contained without causing further damage.
Active Protection
On the other hand, active protection needs various devices or tools to operate and do its job. To detect, control and extinguish, a water sprinkler, extinguisher and also alarms could be employed.
The last element that can be used in fire protection systems for structural protection is proper education. To achieve an ideal safety level, all the tenants or participants in the program must be able to identify and explain the plans for their own safety and protection.
We are a pure fire suppression and detection specialist protecting your high value assets and critical processes. We provide you with fully integrated fire protection systems ensuring no issues left for you to sort out. From initial discussions and budgets through to completion and demonstration we can handle it all for you.
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