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Request for Quotation of Office Furniture

valid until: 28 Feb 2023date published: 28 Feb 2022

Request for Quotation of Office Furniture LI 001: POWERLIFT CORNER STANDING DESK 72X72 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 9, each;LI 002: POWERLIFT CORNER STANDING DESK 60X72 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 15, each;LI 003: POWERLIFT CORNER STANDING DESK 72X60 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 13, each;LI 004: POWERLIFT STANDING DESK 72X30 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 2, each;LI 005: POWERLIFT CORNER STANDING DESK 60X30 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 14, each;LI 006: ELETRIC STANDING DESK 72X24 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 4, each;LI 007: ELETRIC STANDING DESK 48X24 - BLACK FRAME WITH MAPLE TOP, 10, each;LI 008: DESKTOP POWER / USB SUPPLY, 67, each;LI 009: OMNIVIEW SINGLE MONITOR ARM, 22, each;LI 010: OMNIVIEW DOUBLE MONITOR ARM, 67, each;LI 011: HEAVY DUTY MONITOR ARM - BLACK, 1, each;LI 012: OMNIVIEW LAPTOP ARM, 14, each;LI 013: MULTIFUNCTION MESH ERGONOMIC COMPUTER CHAIR WITH HEADREST, 56, each;LI 014: RIGHT HAND THREE DRAWER WARDROBE STORAGE TOWER, 40, each;LI 015: FOUR DOOR STORAGE CREDENZA 72X24 - MAPLE, 2, each;LI 016: END TABLE - NATURAL MAPLE WITH BLACK TOP, 7, each;LI 017: MESH GUEST CHAIR - BLACK, 20, each;LI 018: LOVE SEAT - BLACK FRAME WITH GRAY FABRIC, 1, each;LI 019: ROUND BARISTA TABLE 42, 1, each;LI 020: CONFERENCE CHAIR SET - HORIZONTAL MESH BLACK (SET OF 6), 7, each;LI 021: LATERAL FILE CABINET - CHARCOAL, 4, each;LI 022: MOBILE PARTITION WHITEBOARD/CORKBOARD 4'W X 6'H, 2, each;LI 023: LECTERN PODIUM - MAPLE, 2, each;LI 024: TWO DOOR STORAGE CABINET, 3, each;LI 025: THREE DRAWER MOBILE FILING CABINET, 11, each;LI 026: CONFERENCE TABLE 16'W WITH DATA PORTS - MAPLE, 1, each;The above contract is ready to bid from the company contractors at Arifjan US base Army operation. You must register with US Base to participate in all tenders, I can help you to register with US base operations at Kuwait for that my charge is 300 kd. as a consultant. Those who are serious contractor personnel only contact me. This is my mobile number – 65683075 (including WhatsApp) and you may contact me by email always.Regards,Kumar65683075.

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Request for Quotation of Office Furniture