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Metaverse Battle Royale Game Play to Earn Metaverse

valid until: 07 May 2023date published: 07 May 2022

Battle World is a Gamefi battle royale Metaverse game project built on the Polygon network. A globally appealing mid-core game designed just for you. The players are dropped into maps exhibited after famous global places and metropolises, where you need to loot and fight against others and win. Battle world is an online game that has all the excitement of a video game, with the focus on in-game fighting and loot. Players will enter a medieval world where they can explore, fight, steal and trade. They can either fight other players or run away and fight NPCs. They will not only be able to explore, but also choose among three different characters to play with. With every victory in battle they will increase their experience points. Battle World is the best place to find battle games on the internet. Our team of developers have combined some of the most popular battle game genres for you, to ensure that there is something for everybody. Battle World is an online game where players can explore the different zones, loot and fight against others. The goal is to win and be the strongest player in the game. Battle World is the ultimate battle game for you and your friends. It has all the features you could need: ranked battles, loot, a variety of heroes, and more! Battle World is the most complex and thrilling game of our age. It has no rules, other than to destroy your opponents and take their loot, which you can use to buy stronger weapons to fight against even more powerful foes. Battle World is a new browser-based game in which you can loot and fight against others while at the same time gain their treasure. The game's objective is to create the ultimate warrior, who can be customized with various fighting skills to complete quests and beat enemies.

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Metaverse Battle Royale Game Play to Earn Metaverse